Oral Cancer Screenings in Upper St. Clair

Cancer in any form is something to be taken seriously. With over 30,000 cases a year, according to research conducted by the American Cancer Society, coming in for a biannual oral cancer exam is a vital part of early diagnosis and effective treatment of oral cancer. This is why, at our Upper St. Clair dental practice, Dr. Diane M. Falsetti and hygienist, Judy, are committed to oral cancer detection and prevention through routine screening.

Catching Signs of Oral Cancer Early

Signs of oral cancer may not be noticeable right away, which is what makes periodic examinations critically important. Our Upper St. Clair dentist and hygienists know the precise areas to examine and utilize technology for effective detection of potential problems in areas where oral cancer can commonly occur, including the lips, mouth, tongue, throat, gums, and face.

Cancer can affect anyone, but there are behaviors that increase risk. An estimated 80% of oral cancer cases affect patients who extensively use tobacco. Depending on which form you use, including cigarettes or chewing tobacco, different areas of the mouth can be more at-risk, such as cheeks and gums.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Upper St. Clair

Dr. Falsetti and her hygienist believe in using best techniques and technology to evaluate our patients’ oral health during routine exams. We use Velscope®, a handheld tool that does not incorporate dyes, to highlight areas of cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues. This technology allows Dr. Falsetti to see tissue abnormalities that may not be apparent to the naked eye. Having Velscope®, the latest in oral cancer screening, as an option for our patients allows us to be confident in providing the best possible oral cancer screening available.

At Our Upper St. Clair dental practice, our team is trained to examine for the presence of oral cancer. Early warning signs of which include:

- A cluster of small white or red spots
- Lumps or unnatural toughening in spots throughout the mouth and lip
- Bleeding sores
- Unnatural discoloration

We examine your smile for the presence of oral cancer, ensuring that there are no lesions present on the floor of the mouth, palate, tongue, and tonsils. It’s also essential for us to screen the neck and thyroid to determine the presence of issues with the lymph nodes. It’s important to have these life-saving examinations once a year and seek early treatments when problems are detected. Our commitment to oral cancer detection keeps our patients informed about their oral health so they have access to the most proactive care possible.

For more information about oral cancer screening, contact our Upper St. Clair dentist, Dr. Diane M. Falsetti, today.